Lyon Advantage

Lyon Advantage

Over 116 years of commitment supporting our dealers, distributors and end-users to store and organize their products while maximizing workspace storage.

20+ Solutions experts located throughout the USA providing immediate attention and support to every project.

Lifetime Product Warranty against defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.

Three domestic plants centrally located in the USA.

Thousands of products available in stock, ready to ship.

LEED/Green Focused

No hassle claims. Any Lyon product damaged in shipment by a Lyon designated carrier will be returned and Lyon will ship a replacement product in a timely manner.

Our Mission

Be the storage system provider of choice by delivering the best possible workspace solutions for our customers. As a business with a rich heritage, we are passionately committed to helping our dealers, distributors and end-users store and organize their products while maximizing workspace.

Our Vision

To stay the market leader in each of our served markets. This leadership will be captured by providing our dealers, distributors and end-users high-quality, innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly products. We add value to these products by providing unmatched customer service through our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Over 100 years of commitment helping our dealers, distributors and end-users store and organize their products while maximizing workspace storage.

Over 20 storage solutions experts throughout the USA giving immediate attention and support to every project.

Lifetime product warranties against defects in materials and workmanship for the life of the product.

Lyon started by the Waters Brothers 1901

Beverly Lyon Waters and Frank Stanley Waters formed the company in 1901 in the basement of their home. Within several years, the brothers moved the company 4 different times to accommodate the growing business. By 1906 Lyon had built its first true plant in Montgomery, IL where the corporate office still resides today.

Lyon starts distributor, dealer based sales technique 1938

In order to gain greater sales coverage and distribution, Lyon implemented their sales tactic that is still in use today. Lyon sells thru dealers and distributors to capture a larger market of storage sales allowing them to provide the best possible pricing.

Lyon awarded the Army-Navy “E” flag indicating excellence in wartime production 1945

The government awarded Lyon the Army – Navy “E” flag for its commitment to supporting the government’s efforts during difficult economic times. Lyon was also awarded the Minute Man flag for a 100% employee participation in purchasing wartime bonds through payroll deductions. The company was also recognized for hiring 159 women to ease the loss of men to the Armed Forces.

New Product Rollout and Expansions 1950

The Fifties were a decade of fast paced, changing product lines including Sliding Shelf Shelving, modular Type Benches, Office Machine Cabinets, Fireproof Safes, Drawer Tool Stands and Slotted Angles. It was during this time period Lyon acquired a new plant in Yorkville, PA, purchased and opened A manufacturing plant in Los Angeles, CA and added an additional 5,000 sq ft expansion in Montgomery, IL at the main plant.

Times were a changing 1960

In 1960, the west coast plant in CA was in full operation and shipping to Hawaii, Alaska west coast customers and portions direct east of CA. 200,000 sq ft more was added to the Montgomery, IL facility and Lyon made its official debut into the top quality Office Furniture field. More new products, Locker Racks, Office Chairs, Shelf Files, Modular Drawers, Book Carts, Key cabinets and Desktop sorters were introduced.

Lyon keeps growing 1970

Bulk storage racks were introduced in 1971 and Expanded Metal lockers in 1973 and the 8000 series shelving unit featuring quicker assembly and adjustable shelves with the use of a simple clip followed in 1974. Flammable Liquid storage cabinets, contemporary storage and wardrobe cabinets were introduced in 1975 along with another 107,500 sq ft to the Montgomery facility and a 26,000 sq ft addition at the York, Pa facility. The Los Angeles plant closed and Lyon opened a west coast warehouse.

New Products, New Names, New Ideas 1980 to 2000 1980

During this time Lyon launched many innovative items, The BackPacker, a stock picking system. The Mini Load Storage System an Automated Storage and Retrieval system. The MSS II (Modular Drawer Storage System), Pre-engineered work stations, Pallet and Cantilever Racking, Engineered Shelving, and Tool Storage Systems to name a few.

Roll with the Flow 2001 to 2012 2001

The years from 2000-2013 were volatile.The company changed owners several times but managed to roll with the punches by holding steadfast to the original owners’ belief in making a quality product from start to finish. A new lineup of All-Welded Cabinets in larger widths, removable bin storage and Visual doors were introduced. The company continued on but struggled to gain orders large enough to maintain all of its facilities causing Lyon to restructure in January of 2013.

A New Era at Lyon 2013

Echelon Capital purchased Lyon in August 2013 recognizing the rich history and importance Lyon held in the market. Since then, Lyon has been climbing its’ way back to the top making the changes necessary to continue to be the leader in the Storage and Shelving Industry.

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