Flammables and Paint Storage

Auto Detailing Flammable Storage and Paint Cabinets

Lyon has a huge selection of detail shop flammable storage cabinets. Since we use 18-gauge steel in our double wall design, there is 1-1/2″ of insulating air space. Two screened flame arrester vents are on the sides of the safety cabinet; one high and one low. These threaded vents also accept a 2-inch pipe for external exhaust. Easily open doors with your fingertips because of the black paddle handle design. The cam lock includes 2 keys. The handle also accepts a padlock when more security is needed on this auto detailing flammable storage cabinet. The 4 leveling legs help make your cabinets level.

Lyon makes the ribbed shelves of heavy-duty galvanized steel. Leaks or spills will collect in the ribs. Adjust the shelves on 3″ vertical centers. These shelves have an overall weight capacity of 350 lbs per shelf. Easily adjust your shelves when your needs change. Our detailing service flammable storage cabinets also come with a ground wire connection. This easily lets you ground your safety cabinet for flammable liquids. Grounding is very important because it helps prevent the buildup of static charge. The 2-inch-high leak-proof bottom pan also helps keep spilled items from leaking out.

Some states or locales follow either the International Fire Code or NPFA 1 Uniform Fire Code. These codes require the use of self-closing doors. Our self-closing doors feature a manual latch with a fusible link. The latch holds the door open when in use. The latch releases automatically when temperatures reach 165 deg F. If not required, we also offer manual closing doors. Both manual and self-closing doors come with full-length continuous hinges. This will help maintain door alignment which makes opening and closing the doors easy. The doors open wide which gives workers full access to items stored inside.

Lyon Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets

Auto Detailing Flammable Storage Cabinets

Many detail shops use either chemicals or cleaners that are flammable. These car detailing flammable storage cabinets will help you store and organize flammable fluids but in a safe way. Lyon designed these safety cabinets to store fuel so they will handle any sort of flammable liquids your dealership auto detail shop needs to store. We powder coat paint these yellow flammable cabinets so they conform with industry standards for cabinet color codes. Color coding allows first responders quickly identify the contents of a storage cabinet. The powder coat paint will also help protect the cabinet from everyday use. Besides cleaning, most detail shops also do auto paint repairs. Paint needs to be safely stored and this is the perfect auto detail paint storage cabinet for it. When you are ready, we can make you a personal quote for auto detailing flammable storage cabinets.

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Capacity Overall Dimensions  Standard Doors Self-Closing Doors 
30 Gallon 43″w x 18″d x 44″h 74R5440N 74R5441N
45 Gallon 43″w x 18″d x 65″h 74R5444N 74R5445N
60 Gallon 32″w x 32″d x 65″h 74R5460 74R5461
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