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Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions are available for various Lyon items

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Locker Maintenance
Locker Anchoring 10200-AA
Assembly – Flat Top Lockers 6225-CA
Assembly – Flat Top Lockers 6225-CA SPANISH
Assembly – Slope Top Lockers 6226-CA
Assembly – Slope Top Lockers 6226-CA SPANISH
Assembly – Two Person Lockers 6229-CA
Assembly – Two Person Lockers 6229-CA SPANISH
Assembly – LockeRack KD 9217-AA
Assembly – LockeRack Set Up 9218-AA

Assembly – LockeRack Horizontal Section 9216-AA
Assembly – TA-50 Gear Locker
Assembly – Valor Lockers 6235-AA
Assembly – Collegiate Lockers 9122-CA
Base – Z Base with Closed Ends 9108-AA
Base – EZ Base 9107-AA
Base – Kitchen Cabinet Base 9109-KC
Closures, Fillers, and Panel 9111-CA
Coat Rod for Lockers

Top – Sloping Hood – Field Cut 6221-CA
Top – Slope Hood with Hipped Ends 6224-CA
Top – Slope Top Kits 5158-DA
Trim – Recessing Top and Side Trim 5913-CA
Trim – Recess Bottom Trim 11778-BA
Master Lock – Built in Combination Lock Installation
Master Lock – Change Combination Instructions
ADA Benches with Back Assembly 4777-ADA
Benches 4777-DA

Modular Drawer Cabinets

Anchoring MDC Cabinet SS0775
Cabinet Details SS0422
Roll-Out Shelf Details SS1124
Cabinet Stacking Install 10204AA
Partition and Divider Install SS1323
Adjustable Shelf Install 5163-DA
Hanging File Frame Install SS1464
Shelf Divider Install SS1578
Closure Strip and Drawer Handle Install SS1324
External Lockbar Install SS0865

Hardwood Top Install 5171-DA
Retainer Top Install SS1428
Mobile Workstation Install SS0515-AA
Caster and Handle Install 10203AA
Drawers in 30×30 Shelving 9116-CA
Drawers in Shelving External Lockbar Install SS1444
Workbench Work Surface Install One Top SS1870-1
Workbench Work Surface Install Two Tops SS1870-2
Workbench Steel Work Surface Install SS1330
Work Surface Splice Plate Install SS1548

Workbench Hi-Lo Bracket Install SS1549
Workbench Panel Leg Install SS1870
Workbench Adjustable Footrest Install SS1329
Workbench Stringer Install SS1873
Workbench Under Counter Shelf Install SS1874
Workbench Modesty Panel Install SS1872
Workbench Back and Side Stop Install SS1439
Workbench Bookcase Riser Install SS1627
Workbench Bookcase Riser Back Panel Install SS1666
Workbench Bookcase Install SS1626
Workbench Bookcase Corner Riser Install SS1670

Rack Systems

Bulk Storage Rack 10206-AA
Rivet Rack Assembly

Pallet Rack
Cantilever Rack

Bar Pipe and Rod rack 10194-AA


2092N Sit-Stand Stool

1990 Spider Stool

2024N Industrial Chair


All-Welded Visible Cabinet 5940-CA

1000 Series Cabinet 8874-AA


8000 Series Shelving

Open Shelving Assembly Instructions 9307DA
Closed Shelving Assembly Instructions 9308DA
Closed Shelving Back Assembly 9306-DA
Wire Shelves w/ Closed Backs 10213-AA
Two Level Shelving Instructions

Offset Angle Open Shelving Assembly 9309DA
Offset Angle Closed Shelving Assembly 9310DA
Counter High Shelving Assembly 9317DA
Base Strip Assembly 9303-DA
Bin Front Assembly 8756-DA

Shelf To Upright Sway Brace 9319-DA
Double Swinging Doors Assembly 4782-DA
Shelving MDC Attachment Clip 5194-DA
Shelving MDC Partition & Divider Layout 5160-DA
Shelf Divider 9304DA

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