Emergency Medical Response

Emergency Medical Response

During these hard times, Lyon is doing our part by helping make items available to help towns and hospitals in their emergency medical response. If you have any questions about these products, please contact us. As an essential supplier during the COVID19 crisis, Lyon has pledged to keep supplying those who are fighting the virus.

Medical Carts

Lyon offers up 5 different styles of medical carts for either hospital or trauma center use. These carts feature durable casters. This allows you to easily move it around to where treatment is needed. You can divide the drawers so all your first aid and medical supplies have a spot. This will make it easier to provide the care and treatment your patients need. You can lock up and secure all our medical carts.

Emergency Medical Response Cabinets

These cabinets are a great way to organize and store your HazMat equipment. Lyon hazmat response cabinets have doors that open 180 degrees for maximum access to HazMat gear. The combination emergency medical response cabinet comes with the left side open for hanging response apparel on hangers. The safety center allows you to quickly view emergency medical response and first aid supply inventory without opening the doors. The safety center includes four full width shelves and heavy-duty Lexan door inserts. Both the HazMat and safety center cabinets come in a safety yellow powder coat paint finish. This will make them easy to locate during an emergency medical response.

Emergency Medical Response Storage

When setting up a field hospital or trauma center, you want to get set up as fast as possible. Lyon rivet rack sets up with out hardware or tools. Lay down some plywood as decking and you are good to go. You can also upgrade to either particle board or wire decking. These racks will be able to hold your medical supplies. Keeping your first aid supplies organized and easy to find will make giving medical care easier.

Emergency Medical Response Lockers

When setting up a hospital or trauma center, you will want a place for healthcare workers to store their personal items. We have standard steel lockers as well as antimicrobial lockers. Our lockers have padlock attachments so that doctors and nurses can secure their PPE like masks and face guards as well as clean sets of scrubs. It will keep their bags and phones and other items safe while they are working.

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