Lyon Has Been Providing Industrial Shelving Solutions For Over A Century

Lyon offers a wide range of commercial shelving units for a variety of needs. Lyon’s steel shelving is the perfect solution for organizing smaller products. We offer our industrial metal shelving with either open or closed sides and backs depending on your organizational needs. Our metal shelving comes in either 36-inch, 42-inch or 48-inch widths. Shelves easily adjust on 1-½” vertical centers using shelf clips. Get industrial metal shelving in either starters or add-ons. A starter can be extended into a row of shelving by attaching an add-on. Lyon has been the shelving industry standard for over a century.

2000 Series Shelving

2000 series shelving comes with either angle posts or beaded posts. We make the post uprights from roll formed form 14-gauge steel. Heavy-duty shelves are made from 20-gauge steel. Our standard 2000 series box shelves can hold up 850 lbs. depending on the size and shelf spacing. 2000 series shelving uses the Lyon compression clip which is the most imitated clip design in the industry.

8000 Series Shelving

Our industrial metal warehouse shelving features T-post uprights. They have a patented design and are made from tough, durable hot-rolled steel. Lyon box shelves come in 3 different gauges. The medium-duty shelf is 22-gauge and can hold up to 600 lbs. They are perfect for the storage of tools, drills, aerosols, or safety supplies. The heavy-duty shelf is 20-gauge and depending on the size can hold up to 900 lbs. They are perfect for the storage of wheels, gears, sprockets, or grinders. The extra heavy-duty shelf is 18-gauge and depending on the size can hold up to 1,300 lbs. They are perfect for the storage of motors, pumps, and other heavy equipment.

Bin Shelving

Lyon starts with our 8000 series industrial metal shelving and uses shelf dividers to create bins. This is a great option if you need to assign spots on shelves to parts or items. Shelf dividers are easily adjustable so you can change it up when your needs change.

Modular Drawers In Shelving

We combine our modular drawers with our industrial metal shelving for the perfect mix of storage in one unit. You can get modular drawers in both the 2000 series and 8000 series shelving. This lets you find the right size to meet your needs.

Lyon makes both 2000 and 8000 series shelving in the USA. We offer parts for your industrial metal shelving such as shelf clips. Find hardware to anchor your shelving. Lyon recommends you secure your shelving to either the wall or floor for safety. You can also get additional shelves for your Lyon shelving.