36" Wide 2000 Series Closed Steel Shelving with Angle Posts

36" Wide 2000 Series Closed Steel Shelving with Angle Posts

Lyon 36″ wide 2000 series closed steel shelving offers a complete storage solution for everything from basic backroom storage to integrated warehouse applications. Closed shelving units are used for applications where stored materials require either additional protection or containment. Closed metal shelving is available in different depths as well as number of shelves. These closed shelving units are the industry standard. Our industrial metal shelving is not only smartly designed but strong and durable for any application.

Features of 36″ Wide 2000 Series Closed Shelving with Angle Posts

This closed steel shelving comes with 4 angle post uprights on both front and rear corners. Lyon roll forms the angle posts from 14-gauge steel for maximum strength. It also comes with upright assemblies which includes back and side sheets along with the angle posts. We make the back and side sheets from 24-gauge steel. Along with posts and shelves, back and side sheets help to stabilize closed shelving units. Using upright assemblies will improve both the ease and speed of installation of your 2000 series industrial closed steel shelving.

We roll form 36″ wide closed 2000 series shelves from 20-gauge steel. Our shelf design features box formations in both the front and rear of each shelf. Because of the box design, 36″ wide heavy-duty shelves hold up to 850 lbs. Each 2000 series closed steel shelving shelf sits on 4 compression clips. The Lyon clip design is the most imitated clip in the industry. We form each clip from 13-gauge steel. You can easily adjust shelves on 1-1/2″ vertical centers.

You can use the Lyon 2000 series industrial closed 36″ wide shelving either individually or with add-on sections. Connect the starter to the add-on units to maximize your storage space for several industrial storage solutions. Lyon’s closed steel shelving comes in the standard dove gray finish. Because Lyon uses a powder coat paint, your shelving will stand up to every day use.

We offer both additional shelves and shelving accessories online. Lyon makes their 2000 series industrial closed 36″ wide shelving in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other 2000 series shelving? Check out Lyon’s full line of industrial metal shelving.

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