2000 Series Shelves

Easily Add To Your Lyon 2000 Series Shelving With Extra Shelves

Quickly and easily add these box steel industrial storage shelves to your existing Lyon 2000 series shelving. These shelves expand your storage capabilities and are great for the static storage of heavy, evenly distributed loads. Lyon includes 4 shelf clips with our adjustable metal shelves so you can quickly attach them without the use of tools. The shelf clips quickly lock into place on either side of the uprights. Since our shelves are adjustable, your shelving changes when your needs change. Lyon 2000 series metal shelving is the industry standard for versatility. Lyon has a huge selection of sizes so you can find the perfect shelf for your storage solution.

Features of 2000 Series Shelves

Lyon makes the box shelves from 20-gauge, cold-rolled steel. They have a 1-¼” face on all four sides. Both the front and rear faces have a closed box formation with a 1-¼” x ¾” bottom flange. We spot weld the box formation to the underside of the shelf on a maximum 8-inch centers. Sides have a ½” bottom return flange at 90°. Lyon reinforces all four corners by lapping and spot welding. These 2000 series shelves are adjustable on 1-½” vertical centers. We offer these shelves in either 36″, 42″, or 48″ widths. They come in either 12″, 18″, or 24″ depths. Lyon punches each shelf so you can attach accessories like label holders, dividers, and bin fronts.

The heavy-duty 20-gauge shelf can hold up to 850 lbs depending on the size. They are great for the storing heavy parts or tools like wheels, grinders, or sprockets. Both front and rear faces of a shelf are punched for attaching label holder. All four sides of shelf punched at corner for bolting if bolted construction is desired. Lyon stamps the 20-gauge 2000 series shelves with the letter “M” so you can easily identify them.

These shelves are available in our standard Dove Gray powder coat finish. This will help protect your industrial storage shelves from everyday use. Looking for parts for other shelving? Check out our full line of Industrial Metal Shelving Components and Shelves.