2000 Series Shelving Parts and Accessories

Find Parts To Anchor And Add Functionality To Your 2000 Series Shelving

Lyon metal shelving parts and accessories for the 2000 series are the finishing pieces you’ll need for your shelving units. Industrial shelving accessories include anchoring and other optional items. These parts and accessories work with either open or closed shelving units.

Compression Shelf Clips

Compression shelf clips quickly lock into place, on either side of the uprights. These clips disengage easily so that you can move shelves. 4 metal shelf clips are the only industrial shelf hardware needed per shelf. Our 2000 series shelving compression clip is the most imitated clip design in the industry. As you add weight to a steel box shelf, compression increases in the clip. The shelf clips then transfer the weight load to the upright posts. The half shelf clip allows the lowest shelf to sit 2-½” from the floor while the regular shelf clips allow lowest shelf to sit 4″ from the floor. Shelves can either be installed or adjusted with no tools.

Anchoring Hardware

You should always consider safety first. Be sure to secure your 2000 series shelving to the floor. Both anchors and foot plates are available for your shelving sections. The foot plate creates a base to anchor your shelving to your warehouse floor. The wedge anchor is the industry standard for bolting shelving directly to your concrete floor.

Other accessories for 2000 series shelving parts include shelf dividers and label holders. The adjustable shelf dividers allow you to break up shelf space in 3-inch increments. They attach easily with push in fasteners so you can adjust them as needed. Adding label holders to your shelves helps to quickly find and pick items. Paper strips slide easily in and out of the holders.

Lyon also makes bin fronts and base strips for our 2000 series shelving. The bin fronts attach to the front face of a shelf using plastic fasteners. They help prevent items from rolling off a shelf. Bin fronts work great with dividers. The base strips help seal off the bottoms of your shelving unit so items won’t roll underneath the shelving unit. They will help keep your facility clean and tidy.

Sometimes shelving needs to get touched up. Lyon also offers touch up spray paint cans to easily freshen up your industrial metal shelving. We make our shelving from durable high quality steel. If damaged and left exposed it could start to rust so you will want to make sure you touch the paint up. Lyon makes their 2000 series shelving parts and accessories in the USA. Looking at these metal shelving parts and accessories but need either uprights or shelves? Check out our full line of Industrial Shelving Components.