4000 Series Shelving Parts

Find Replacement Parts For Your 4000 Series Shelves

Lyon introduced the 4000 series in the early 1960s. It was the first industrial steel shelving line that was customizable with individual components. It was a go to shelving system into the 70s until Lyon introduced the 8000 series which is our current shelving line. Since Lyon builds our industrial metal shelving to stand up for years and years, we are proud to offer replacement hardware for our 4000 series shelving. These shelving parts and accessories work with either open or closed shelving units.

4000 Series Shelf Clips

The 4000 series shelf clip is a 2 part clip. You need both a clip and a stud to make a complete clip set. The shelf clip stud easily slips into the 4000 series shelving upright. The shelf clip then slides down over the stud on the other side of the upright to lock it into place.

Lyon makes both the 4000 series shelving clip and stud from heavy-duty steel for extra strength. These clips disengage easily so that you can move shelves. You can either install or adjust 4000 series shelves with no tools. The only industrial shelf hardware you need per shelf are 4 metal shelf clips. As you add weight to a steel shelf, compression increases in the clip. The shelf clips then transfer the weight load to the upright posts.

Lyon makes their 4000 series shelving parts and accessories in the USA. Looking at these metal shelving parts and accessories but need either uprights or shelves? Check out our full line of Industrial Shelving Components.