8000 Series Shelves

Easily Add To Your Lyon 8000 Series Shelving With Extra Shelves

Quickly and easily add these box steel industrial storage shelves to your existing Lyon 8000 series shelving. These shelves expand your storage capabilities and are great for the static storage of heavy, evenly distributed loads. Lyon 8000 series metal shelving is the industry standard for versatility. Lyon has a huge selection of sizes and gauges so you can find the perfect shelf for your storage solution.

Features of 8000 Series Box Shelves

The box steel storage shelves have a design that provides added strength at the front and rear of the shelf. The ends are flanged with a 90° return flange. All corners of each shelf are lapped and welded for extra strength. All steel shelves are punched at each of the four corners so you can bolt them to the uprights.

Available in either 22-gauge, 20-gauge, or 18-gauge steel, these 8000 series warehouse storage shelves provide strong and durable storage. Lyon has industrial storage shelves for all of your storage applications. The medium-duty 22-gauge shelf holds up to 600 lbs. They are ideal for the storing drills, tools, aerosols, and other supplies. The heavy-duty 20-gauge shelf can hold up to 900 lbs depending on the size. They are great for the storing of heavy parts or tools such as wheels, grinders, or sprockets. Finally, the extra heavy-duty 18-gauge shelf holds up to 1,300 lbs depending on the size. Our strongest industrial storage shelves can hold motors, pumps, and other heavy equipment.

Wire and Galvanized Shelves

Lyon’s 8000 series commercial wire shelves feature all-welded construction. This design provides added strength at the front and the rear of shelf. Made from heavy gauge steel wire with heavy gauge channels. 36-inch-wide shelves can hold up to 500 lbs while the 48-inch-wide shelves can hold up to 350 lbs. They come in either 18-inch or 24-inch depths. Industrial wire shelving maximizes air flow around your stored product. It also increases visibility while deterring dust and dirt build-up.

The galvanized storage shelf features a traditional flanged design. This design provides added strength at both the front and rear of shelves. Each 18-gauge steel shelf provides strong and durable storage. The shelf ends are flanged with a 90° return flange. 8000 series galvanized shelves are 36 inches wide with 3 options for depth. The 12-inch-deep shelf can hold up to 550 lbs. The 18-inch-deep shelf can hold up to 650 lbs. The 24-inch-deep shelf can hold up to 700 lbs. Store cartons of oil or bottles of cleaner. You can also store greasy parts or pumps with the higher capacity shelf.

We include 4 shelf clips with our adjustable metal shelves so you can quickly move them without the use of tools. The shelf clips quickly lock into place on either side of the uprights. Since our shelves are adjustable, your shelving changes when your needs change. You can easily adjust these commercial storage shelves on 1-½ inch centers. All our 8000 series shelves will work with either open or closed shelving units. Looking for parts for other shelving? Check out our full line of Industrial Metal Shelving Components and Shelves.