Automotive Workbenches

Let Lyon Help You Keep Your Service Department Running Efficiently

Lyon has automotive workbenches to make sure your automotive dealership service department keeps running at optimum efficiency. Our products can help your techs provide your customers the best service they can by making sure all their tools and gear are neat and organized. Both large service departments and independent mechanic shops can benefit from our industry leading solutions.


Lyon’s transmission tear down bench provides a place for your techs to work on either a transmission or an engine. These automotive workbenches have a drain so that fluids can safely be collected while working on these auto parts. Working on these parts can be messy and if you don’t collect the fluids, it can create a hazardous work area. These carts are heavy-duty enough that you can put an engine or a transmission directly on it and do the work right there. The casters allow you to move the workbench to where you need it on your shop floor.


Our EVO automotive workbenches have a modular design so you can design a system to meet your service department’s needs. Provide your techs a workstation in their service bay that has a spot for all their tools and equipment. Our standard EVO workbench comes with 10 drawers, 2 overhead cabinets, and a heavy-duty stainless steel work surface. We designed these workbenches so that they stand up to the harsh environment of an automotive repair shop. Love what our standard EVO has but want more options? Contact Us and we can help design a system to meet your needs.

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