Hanging Garment and Uniform Exchange Lockers

Hanging Garment and Uniform Exchange Lockers

Lyon is your number one source for uniform lockers! Our hanging garment and uniform exchange lockers provide uniform storage in less than 5 square feet of floor space! The compact design allows these units to be installed near service or work areas. This removes the need for a secured storage room. Hanging garment lockers are perfect as lockers for restaurant employees or the hospitality industry. Use them as restaurant lockers to supply your kitchen or wait staff their uniforms. Pair your garment locker with a soiled items disposal lockers for even more versatility. Then after a shift, your workers can deposit their soiled uniforms and next work shift grab a new one. Lyon has been a locker industry leader for over a century.

Features of Uniform Lockers

Lyon offers the these lockers in multiple layouts. These double stack lockers provide space for 4 to 8 people per unit. Secure each of the patron doors of this clothes locker individually. You can choose between key locks, combo locks, or even turn locks for your unit. A key lock includes 2 keys. The turn lock latches the door closed and can also accept a padlock if greater security is needed. Uniform lockers with combo locks have a standard 3 number combination. The doors swivel on a hinge located inside the door corners.

Made of sturdy steel, these lockers will last for years to come. Lyon assembles these metal lockers with sturdy, pop-rivet construction. All lockers also include a dove gray powder coat finish. The master door on these uniform storage lockers also provides access for a supervisor or supplier. 5 hinges along the right side allow the master door to swing fully open. You can quickly access all compartments at one time to remove or replace uniforms as needed. Easily control your garment and linen inventories accurately as well as reduce loss. The master service door also includes an H-1 industry standard lock with 1 key.

These uniform lockers ship assembled and ready to install. Add number plates to easily identify each door. Looking for other ExchangeMaster lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of employee lockers.

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