Personal Effects Lockers

Give Your Staff a Secure Place to Store Their Personal Items

Lyon’s ExchangeMaster personal effects lockers are perfect for small and limited spaces. Having personal storage lockers in the workplace allows employees to store their items in a secure and safe place. Lyon’s metal personal lockers provide this security. These small personal lockers are a perfect addition for either restaurants, hospitals, or factories. Your employees don’t want to have to worry about their smartphones, wallets, or purses while working. These small lockers for valuables will give employees peace of mind so that they can concentrate on their job. Lyon has been the locker industry standard for over a century.

Features of Metal Personal Lockers

Accommodate small personal items in less than two square feet of floor space. The privacy lockers are 15 inches deep. These lockers easily fit lunches, purses, and other personal items. The 9 door lockers are 7 feet high while the 10 door lockers are 6.5 feet high. The 21-inch-deep apparel lockers include louvers on each of the doors for ventilation. The 8 door apparel lockers easily fit hanging coats. These metal personal lockers take up less than five square feet of floor space. The wide doors of the 4 door apparel locker offer extra room for bulky garments and coveralls. All of our apparel lockers are 7 feet high.

The all steel construction is durable and will last for years to come. Our apparel lockers come with 16-gauge steel door frames and 20-gauge doors. The privacy lockers also have 16-gauge steel door frame but with 22-gauge doors. You can choose either small personal lockers or the larger apparel lockers. Both styles of these personal lockers for the workplace include either a padlock attachment or a built-in combination lock. The combination lock is a standard 3 number combination lock. All of our ExchangeMaster metal personal lockers ship assembled and ready to install. We will use pop rivets for a strong and durable locker assembly. Pre-punched holes at the top of the doors allow you to quickly add number plates to help identify each locker.


Lyon’s trademark LockeRack easily provides a secure space for up to 16 people. These small personal lockers for the office consist of 12-inch by 12-inch doors. Each door includes 3-inch-wide louvers for ventilation. The included steel coat rod provides space for coats and jackets. You can easily secure the steel pull handle on the door with a user provided padlock. Add built in combination or key locks with ease. The horizontal section is designed to mount directly to the wall when floor space is not available. The metal personal lockers include a powder coat finish available in either our standard Dove Gray or Putty. The paint finish will help protect you small lockers for the office from everyday use. Both styles of the LockeRack are a great edition to any employee breakroom.

If you are using these small lockers for mobile phones, then you can easily add charging cables. Simply drill holes in the back of each compartment and have a certified electrician run the proper smartphone charging cables. Lyon strongly recommends you anchor your lockers for safety. We offer both anchor feet and anchor angles to secure your lockers to the floor. Looking for other lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of Employee Lockers.