Soiled Linen Disposal Lockers

Securely Store Soiled Uniforms and Linens

Provide a safe and secure place to deposit soiled garments for removal with soiled linen disposal lockers. Ideal for healthcare facilities and hospitals to use for collecting either soiled scrubs or bedding. Make your facility more efficient by utilizing several soiled uniform exchange lockers for soiled laundry management. Healthcare personnel will spend less time removing soiled linens and more time focusing on their patients. The keyed lock access means a linen supplier can get access. This helps stop items from either getting lost or taken. These are also useful in the hospitality industry. Both hotels and senior care facilities that need soiled linen management are both great use cases. Any company that uses a laundry service can use these to help keep their workplaces clean and sterile. Lyon has been the industry standard for lockers for over a century.

Features of Soiled Linen Disposal Lockers

Soiled items drop into the lower compartment through the swinging door panel at the top. The swing door at the top has a continuous hinge. This adds strength and keeps alignment. The main access door of the lower compartment remains locked until it is opened by authorized personnel. These soiled laundry management units have perforated backs for ventilation. You will want to make sure their is space between the wall and the unit to allow for air flow. A multi-point latching system includes a key control lock. Authorized personnel then can access and remove deposited items from the laundry lock up.

Lyon makes the door frames of the soiled linen disposal units out of 16-gauge steel. We stock these laundry lockup lockers in our standard Dove Gray finish. The powder coat paint finish will help protect these soiled items disposal lockers from everyday use. The small size locker can be easily wall mounted if floor space is limited in your workplace locker room.

Complete Uniform Exchange System

We make our soiled laundry management units in multiple sizes so you can get one that matches with our other ExchangeMaster lockers. This lets you build a complete system to handle your work uniforms. An employee can get their uniform from a garment locker and then after their shift put their worn items in the soiled linen containers. Providing places for both new and used items makes managing your uniforms and linens easy.

Lyon ships the lockers set up and ready to use. This saves you time from having to assemble them. For safety, you should properly anchor these soiled linen disposal lockers. Fasten them to either the floor or wall. Finally, there is another use for these soiled items disposal lockers. Since they are a secure drop box, you can use them as a mail drop. Easily add an after hours drop box for your business. Looking for other lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of Employee Lockers.