Aluminum Benches

Aluminum Benches

Locker room benches are the final piece for your locker room project. The Lyon aluminum bench is available in either 6-foot, 8-foot, 9-foot or 10-foot lengths. Aluminum is rustproof and has a modern look. While the anodized aluminum is light, it is also incredibly strong. They are easy to maintain in almost any environment. The aluminum makes them especially good for a gym locker room. They also work great as outdoor aluminum benches. Install them at baseball fields or other sport facilities. Lyon has been the industry standard for locker room benches for over a century.

Features of Aluminum Benches

Aluminum is naturally a good fit for anodizing. The process converts the surface of the metal bench into a durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish. Unlike a powder coat paint finish, this finish is integrated with the aluminum. This means it won’t chip or peel like paint could. This will help protect your aluminum benches from every day use in harsh environments. These metal benches for schools have rounded edges and center traces provide comfortable, skid resistant seating. The bench top is 1-¼ inches thick and 9-½ inches wide. The aluminum alloy has a clear anodic coating. You can secure the one-piece bench stands to pedestal base with the adjustable clamps.

The bench pedestals consist of two pieces of anodized aluminum extrusion. Pieces are 2-¼ inches by ¾ inches formed and unit welded. The base measures 12-5/8 inches wide and 14-5/8 inches high. With a pedestal, the overall height of these aluminum locker room benches is 17-1/8 inches. Aluminum outdoor benches have a weight capacity of 120 lbs per linear foot. Benches have either 2 or 3 pedestals depending on the length.

You can use these aluminum benches as either a portable bench or install the metal bench in a locker room as a fixed position unit. To do this you can get either rubber feet or concrete wedge anchors for your new benches. Both are available online in our Bench Legs And Accessories. Looking for other locker benches? Check out Lyon’s full line of Locker Room Benches.

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