Sports Lockers

Sports Lockers

The Lyon Collegiate line of metal sports lockers are a perfect fit for any team locker room. Collegiate athletic lockers offer additional security for special equipment or assigned gear. A Lyon Collegiate locker includes a solid back and diamond perforated door and sides. The ventilated door and sides increase air flow. This extra ventilation is ideal for sports gear and equipment. More than enough space for use as either baseball lockers or basketball lockers. From high school to professional sports, Lyon is the industry standard for outfitting an athletic team’s locker room.

Standard Features of Metal Sports Lockers

Athletic lockers are 24 inches wide by 72 inches high and available in three depths: either 18 inches deep, 21 inches deep, or 24 inches deep. Lyon constructs the athletic locker frames from 16 gauge steel. All models have a shelf as well as a coat rod and 4 single prong wall hooks. You can choose from any of Lyon’s premier colors for a powder coat paint finish on your stadium lockers. You could even get a custom paint finish to match your school’s colors. The powder coat paint will protect your sports equipment lockers from every day use. These sports storage lockers can be either all-welded or shipped knocked down to be assembled in the field.

Optional Features of Metal Sports Lockers

The deluxe collegiate lockers include an 18 inch high interior compartment bench as well as an upper compartment. The integrated bench seat is perfect of football or hockey lockers. It allows a player to sit and get ready for the game. You can lift the bench top to reveal interior storage which you can secure with a padlock. Secure the upper compartment door with a either built-in key or combo lock. Both the regular and deluxe metal sports lockers have a door option. Collegiate athletic sports lockers with doors come with stainless steel recessed lift handles. The lift handle has a padlock hasp. A user can attach their own key or combo padlock. For extra security, you can add either a built-in keyed or combo lock.

Lyon makes their metal sports lockers in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other lockers? Check out Lyon’s full line of metal lockers.

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