Emergency Response Cabinets

Emergency Response Cabinets

Be Prepared For Emergencies And Accidents With Lyon

No one can plan when an accident will take place but you can be sure that you are ready for one with either Lyon HazMat response cabinets or safety center cabinets. You can keep these emergency response cabinets on the shop floor and close to the areas at greatest risk. Safety experts agree that rapid response to a HazMat emergency can greatly reduce risk exposure and save lives.

HazMat Response Cabinets

These emergency response cabinets are a great way to organize and store your HazMat equipment. Lyon makes these spill cabinets from heavy-gauge steel. We put a 3-point lock on the door to make sure your gear stays both safe and secure. The cabinet is secured with a lock and 2 keys. The chrome plated door handle ensures smooth opening and closing. Lyon spill control cabinets have double doors that open 180 degrees for maximum access to HazMat gear.

These yellow emergency response cabinets are available with either full width shelves or as a combination cabinet. The combination cabinet comes with a coat rod on the left side so you can hang response apparel. The larger side is also great for storing mops or other tall items in your spill containment cabinet. You can easily adjust the shelves as needed on 2-inch centers. The shelves can hold up to 180 lbs. This lets you store heavier gear in your hazmat response cabinets.

Safety Centers

These emergency response cabinets allow you to quickly view your first aid supply inventory without opening the doors. The safety center includes four full width shelves and heavy-duty Lexan door inserts unlike the hazmat response cabinets. Lyon makes the safety center right here in the USA. We make them from all-welded 14-gauge steel. You can adjust the shelves on 3-inch centers. The shelves bolt into welded keyhole slots on the sides of the cabinet. Each shelf can hold up to 1,450 lbs.

We weld 3 heavy-duty brass pin hinges to the doors of these emergency response cabinets. This helps maintain door alignment to ensure the doors open and close easily. The rugged handle has a padlock hasp so you can secure the industrial first aid cabinet. The cast aluminum handle engages the 3 point locking system to make sure the doors stay shut. 4-inch-high welded on legs allow a forklift to move the cabinet around either a warehouse or facility.

These emergency response cabinets come in our Safety Yellow powder coat paint finish so that they are easy to locate during an emergency. The paint finish will also protect your emergency cabinet from harsh environments. Both of the Lyon HazMat response cabinets and safety centers ship set up and ready to use. All you will have to do is put the shelves in where you want them. Looking for other storage cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Storage Cabinets.

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