Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets

Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets

Store Your Flammable Liquids Safely With Lyon

Lyon has a huge selection of metal flammable storage cabinets. We have lots of sizes and styles of fuel storage cabinets. You can fit pint, quart, gallon and other sizes to meet both current and future needs. These flammable safety cabinets come in either free standing or wall mount versions. With these Lyon safety cabinets, you can either hang, stack, wall mount, stand them alone or under a counter. So you can choose a style that really fits into your needs. Lyon safety storage cabinets are the industry standard.

Features of Metal Flammable Storage Cabinets

Lyon flammable liquid storage cabinets have shelves that adjust on 3-inch vertical centers. We make them from heavy-duty ribbed galvanized steel. The ribs will help collect liquids that may leak. Each shelf can hold up to 350 lbs. You can adjust the shelves with easy so you can create areas of storage within a cabinet. Designed to provide you with the most versatile storage. Each fire cabinet has all-welded 18-gauge double wall construction. This creates 1-½” of air space to insulate for fire resistance.

Metal flammable storage cabinets come with either manual or self-closing door latches. Some fire codes require a self-closing door. Lyon designed the door to close automatically when temps reach 165 degrees F. All cabinets have a built-in key lock. The 2-inch-high bottom pan helps stop leaks. We include 4 zinc-plated leveling legs. Cabinets should be installed level to prevent spills or tipping. While a ground wire is not included, there is a ground wire connection to help deter static build up.

Flammable Storage Cabinet Requirements

These metal flammable storage cabinets are both OSHA and NFPA 30 compliant. Some requirements for fire safety cabinets include using 18-gauge steel with a double wall design with 1-½ inches of air space. We also include a decal that reads “Flammable – Keep Fire Away” as outlined by both OSHA and the NFPA. While vents and ground wires are not required, Lyon includes them to increase the safety of these osha flammable cabinets. All of these features work together to make sure our safety cabinet for flammable liquids meet the requirements from OSHA and the NFPA. This means our cabinets keep the internal temperature under 325 degrees F for at least 10 minutes during a fire test.

We powder coat paint these yellow flammable cabinets. This conforms with industry standards for cabinet color codes. Color coding allows first responders quickly identify the contents of a storage cabinet. The powder coat paint will also help protect the cabinet from everyday use. We also offer Shelves And Accessories online. This includes shelf liners to help contain spills. Lyon makes these metal flammable storage cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other storage cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Storage Cabinets.

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