Industrial Storage Cabinets

Tough Industrial Grade Cabinets Made In The USA

Lyon has a huge selection of industrial storage cabinets. These heavy-duty welded 14-gauge steel cabinets come in different sizes and layouts. The counter height and eye level cabinets are shorter than our standard heavy-duty steel storage cabinets but with the same strength. We weld these cabinets using high quality steel to ensure their toughness. Our industrial metal cabinets feature adjustable shelves. This means your storage solution can change when your needs change. Lyon cabinets are the industry standard for both durability and versatility. When you need a tough and rugged cabinet then look no further than these storage cabinets.

Features of Industrial Storage Cabinets

We make these all-welded storage cabinets using 14-gauge steel. Lyon all-welded steel storage cabinets include heavy-duty steel doors. Doors are hung on heavy-duty 5/16″ brass pin hinges. Hinges are securely welded to each door. The heavy-duty hinges will help keep the doors align and close flush. The metal storage cabinet doors have rugged handles with a 3/8″ thick padlock hasp. Secure the cabinet with your own padlock with ease. We make the handle out of cast aluminum. These industrial metal storage cabinets have a secure, 3-point locking system. It features both a 3/8″ latch rod and 3/16″ latch plate. This helps keep the doors closed securely.

Each shelf can hold up to 1,450 lbs. You will easily be able to store either heavy items or gear. Shelves bolt securely into welded keyhole slots. You can adjust each shelf on 3-inch centers. We weld 4-inch-high legs on to the industrial grade storage cabinets so that a forklift will have clearance to lift the cabinet. This helps moving the industrial steel cabinet anywhere in either a warehouse or facility. We stock our industrial cabinets in our Dove Gray powder coat finish. You can also order these cabinets in our Putty, Vulcan Black, and Wedgewood Blue finishes. This will help protect your storage cabinets from everyday use.

Different Cabinet Configurations

Lyon doesn’t just make shelf cabinets in our line of industrial storage cabinets. We also make combination cabinets which are half shelf storage and half wardrobe storage. Hang items on one side and store items on the shelves on the other side. This heavy-duty steel cabinet makes for a great janitor cabinet. The 4 door cabinet provides separate lockable storage spaces in a single cabinet. Easily assign spots to different people. There is also a mobile all-welded cabinet. This lets you easily wheel your heavy-duty metal cabinet around your facility.

We ship all of our industrial grade cabinets set up. Since it comes assembled, you save time. All you have to do is put the shelves where you want them. You can also easily add Extra Shelves to your all-welded storage cabinets. Even though these heavy-duty metal storage cabinets don’t have pick racks, you can easily add plastic bins to organize smaller parts and hardware on a shelf. Lyon makes their industrial storage cabinets in the USA. Looking for other storage cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Metal Storage Cabinets.