Safety Storage Cabinet Shelves and Accessories

Safety Storage Cabinet Shelves and Accessories

Increase your storage options or get replacement fire cabinet parts for your Lyon safety cabinet. Lyon safety cabinets are OSHA compliant. They also meet the NFPA fire code 30. We offer shelves and accessories to either expand or change your safety storage solutions. Besides safety storage cabinet shelves, we also offer liners and wall mounts. When it comes to the safety, make sure you have the best quality parts from Lyon.

Features of Safety Storage Cabinet Shelves

Some safety cabinets come with 5 shelves while others come with none. Extra cabinet shelves can easily increase your storage capacity. We offer shelves for all of our cabinet sizes. Create areas in a cabinet that can store items from pints to gallons in size. We make our shelves from heavy-duty ribbed galvanized steel. This allows a load of up to 350 lbs per shelf. You can easily adjust storage shelves on 3-inch vertical centers.

Safety Storage Cabinet Accessories

The leak-proof 2-inch-deep tray offers extra protection. It has a slightly raised curved edge to contain spills. An extra polyethylene shelf tray can be added to safety storage cabinet shelves. Trays can be used for quick replacement as other trays need to be removed. Trays can also go into the bottom of a cabinet. Besides liners for safety storage cabinet shelves, we also make mounting brackets. You can mount smaller safety cabinets to a wall. This allows for more usable space below. We have both 17-inch and 43-inch wide options. You can wall mount a cabinet that is up to 20 gallons in size.

We also offer touch up paint for all our metal cabinets. The spray paint makes it quick and easy to make a cabinet look new. Safety storage cabinet color is important. This helps first responders quickly identify what a cabinet contains. We follow industry standards for our color codes. Need shelves for a different cabinet? Check out Lyon’s full line of Cabinet Shelves And Accessories.

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