Modular Cabinets

Lyon is the leading manufacturer of industrial modular cabinets in the USA! Lyon modular cabinets come with drawers, in mobile units, or as part of workbenches. These modular steel cabinets offer a high density storage solution. Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50%! With six heights and five widths to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right cabinet for your needs.

All Lyon modular cabinets are designed to work with each other. Easily build custom modular cabinet systems to fit your exact needs. Since Lyon modular storage cabinets are flexible you can change up your storage solution when your needs change. No need to waste time and money on re-doing your storage.

Features of Industrial Modular Cabinets

You can find a Lyon modular drawer cabinet in many warehouses and facilities. These steel cabinets feature all metal drawers. The handles include removable labels and clear shields. Each drawer has an overall capacity of 400 lbs per. The drawers fully extend so you can see 100% of the contents. You can use layout kits to divide the industrial modular cabinets’ drawers into many small compartments. Neat and organized storage improves efficiency. The wide base opening on floor cabinets provides forklift access so you can easily move the cabinet as needed. Choose from 7 color options for your cabinet. You can even pick two colors, one for the cabinet and one for the drawers.

Lyon industrial modular storage systems include overhead cabinets and shelf cabinets. They allow you can create storage for large and bulky items. The overhead cabinets easily attach to the top of your floor cabinets. You can match your shelf cabinet height to your other cabinets for a streamline storage system. Lyon also makes weapons storage cabinets.

Use our industrial modular mobile cabinets when you need tools and parts on the move. The handle helps you easily steer the cabinet around your facility. Workbenches are also available when a large work area is needed. Choose from either a workbench kit or a workbench concept.

Lyon keeps our most popular cabinets in stock so you can get the items you need fast. We have a large selection of parts in stock online for industrial modular cabinets. Find items like locks or keys. Get either bins or trays to store small parts. If you need help making a custom storage set up, please contact us.

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