Mobile Medical Carts

Mobile Medical Carts

Lyon is proud to offer these mobile medical carts for hospitals and healthcare facilities. If you have any questions about these products, please Contact Us. As an essential supplier during the COVID19 crisis, Lyon has pledged to keep supplying those who are fighting the virus. Lyon offers up 5 different styles of medical carts for either hospital or trauma center use. These med carts feature durable casters. You can easily move it around to where you need to treat a patient. You can divide the drawers so all your first aid and medical supplies have a spot. This will make it easier to provide the care and improve patient outcome. You can lock up and secure all our mobile medical carts. These medical supply carts are proudly made in the USA.

Procedure Carts

Clinics and hospitals can use a procedure cart to keep all the medical supplies for patient care in one place. Using a medical cart with drawers to be well-organized makes for both effective and efficient treatment. These mobile medical carts come with a key pad lock to keep supplies safe. Besides the standard procedure cart, Lyon also offers a bedside mini tower cart to keep supplies close to a patient’s bed.

Emergency Carts

These mobile medical carts come in a bright red finish so that you can easily see them. There is no time to waste when an emergency happens and you need a crash cart. Securely store all your supplies and have them easily accessible when you need to deliver lifesaving protocols. We offer these medical utility carts with drawers in a standard version with a lock bar.

Isolation Carts

If you need a cart that is for either an isolation room or ward, then these are the mobile medical carts to use. The yellow color will warn people that it is an isolation cart and shouldn’t be moved out. This helps cut down on the transmission of infection in hospitals and healthcare facilities. We offer these medical storage carts in either a standard version with a lock bar or a mini tower version with a built-in lock.

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