Layout Kits for Medium Wide Drawer Cabinets 36-3/8"W

Layout Kits for Medium Wide Drawer Cabinets 36-3/8"W

Subdivide drawers into an infinite range of custom compartments to better organize your products with Lyon layout kits for medium wide drawer cabinets. Drawer layout kits provide partitions and dividers in a pre-engineered format. Start by choosing the layout kits that match the size of your cabinet. Several options of cabinet drawer kits are available based on width. These kits fit medium wide modular drawer cabinets. They measure 36-3/8″ wide. You will also have to know which size drawer it is. Modular drawer organizers are made to work with certain heights. You can also use these kits in mobile cabinets.

Divide your modular drawers into as few as 3 and as many as 48 compartments. Since a Lyon drawer fully extends, you will be able to see every inch of the drawer and layout kit. Our fully adjustable drawer organizers let you change up your storage when your needs change. Use these layout kits to organize hardware or small parts. You can also use them as tool drawer organizers to create a custom tool storage system.

Features of Layout Kits for Medium Wide Drawer Cabinets

A partition runs either side to side or front to back in a drawer. It secures with screws to the bottom of the drawer. This helps keep it from moving. Then easily re-position dividers or remove to fit other items in a drawer. Dividers have a flanged top which can fit a label. Proper labeling ensures items get stored where they belong. Both partitions and dividers come in a galvanized finish. The no flake finish will help protect your shop drawer organizer medium wide layout kits from everyday use.

You can add either dividers or partitions as needed to a base layout kit in the Lyon drawer divider system. You can even find plastic bins to fit in our modular drawers. Check out our selection of accessories we keep in stock online for fast shipping. Lyon makes their layout kits for medium wide drawer cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for cabinets with industrial drawer organizers already installed? Check out Lyon’s full line of modular drawer cabinets.

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