Modular Drawer Partitions and Dividers

Modular Drawer Partitions and Dividers

Create a huge range of custom layouts using metal drawer dividers and partitions to organize your items. Available as either partitions or dividers for Lyon modular drawer cabinets. They help divide your cabinet drawers and create a custom drawer organizer. You can add either modular drawer dividers or partitions as needed to a base layout kit. A properly organized drawer increases efficiency.

Using Metal Drawer Dividers and Partitions

First use a partition to divide a drawer. They run either from side to side or front to back. They are available in sizes to fit any of our 5 modular cabinet widths. Secure slotted drawer partitions with screws to the bottom of the drawers. This will help keep them from shifting. You can then use a Lyon drawer divider with the partition. They will further subdivide the drawer. Then easily move adjustable metal drawer dividers or remove them to fit different sized objects. Both dividers and partitions come in heights to fit the different sized drawers. The sides of the drawers are already slotted.

We make the dividers and partitions out of heavy-duty steel. Both Lyon steel drawer dividers and partitions come in a galvanized finish. The no flake finish will protect your metal drawer dividers from everyday use. The storage dividers for drawers have a flanged top. This is a great place to put a label so workers know where parts or items are. Along with the drawer handle label, your storage can be completely organized. Proper labeling will help make sure items go where they belong and can then be found quickly. We also have plastic bins and quarter trays for drawers. Plastic bins even have dividers to subdivide them more.

Looking for a more turnkey solution to organizing a drawer? We have a big selection of Layout Kits with dividers and partitions to help make it easy for you. Just look for the ones that fit the width and height of the drawer. Lyon makes both slotted drawer partitions and metal drawer dividers in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for modular cabinets and not just modular drawer dividers? Check out Lyon’s full line of Modular Cabinets.

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