Modular Shelf Cabinets

Modular Shelf Cabinets

These small metal storage cabinets provide the highest density storage solution for small to mid-sized products. Utilize these modular metal cabinets either alone or with modular drawer cabinets for storing larger, bulkier items. Neat and organized storage helps improves your inventory control and your efficiency.

Features of Small Metal Storage Cabinets

These small steel cabinets come in 2 styles. The open modular shelf unit provides quick access to items. Small metal cabinets are also available with swing doors to keep your work space looking tidy. Doors can be secured closed with a standard lock. You can also choose to have no lock on the modular metal cabinet door. Depending on the how wide a cabinet is, it will have either 1 or 2 doors. Each tool cabinet has a base shelf and an adjustable shelf. You can adjust the shelves on ¾-inch vertical centers. The shelves in these small metal storage cabinets can hold up to 400 lbs. Due to the construction, these modular shelf units can hold heavier parts or tools.

These small cabinets with shelves come in widths and heights so that they pair up with a Lyon modular drawer cabinet. You can build your own custom storage solution mixing drawer cabinets and shelf units. With Lyon modular storage, the possibilities are endless. Since it is flexible, when your needs change so can your storage to meet and exceed your needs. Along with overhead storage cabinets, small metal storage cabinets can be an integral part of your storage solution.

Lyon makes the modular shelf units from heavy-duty steel. The modular metal cabinet housing comes in 7 different powder coat paint finishes. When getting a shelf unit with a door you can choose a separate finish for the door. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your small steel storage cabinets from every day use. The adjustable shelf will match the cabinet housing. Lyon makes their small metal storage cabinets in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other modular metal cabinets? Check out Lyon’s full line of Modular Cabinets.

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