Workbench Components

Workbench Components

Easily build just the right workbench for your needs. Lyon offers several workbench components to get you started. Choose between open or closed panel legs. Use the leg-to-leg stringer to secure the legs in place for complete stability. Combine our hardwood work surface with steel panel legs to create a strong workbench ideal for precision work and assembly.

Featured Workbench Components

Both our open and closed panel legs feature a one-piece, heavy gauge welded frame. Each panel leg includes knock-outs for customers to create easy access to an optional electrical outlet. Both the included mounting hardware and the leg levelers ensure your workstation will have a secure and level installation.

Our hardwood work surface provides a classic look to your workbench. Combined with our other workbench components, this wooden top offers a heavy-duty and durable area for both precision work and item assembly. Easily attach either side stops or a back stop to your work surface to prevent items from rolling off. Use these stops alone or even combine them with a shelf riser to make an ideal workstation.

Create even more space to work by adding a shelf riser to your new workbench. These shelf risers offer an extra area for resting tools while allowing you the full work surface to work on. Our shelf risers are available in both 12-inch and 18-inch heights. A shelf riser can hold up to 270 lbs depending on the size. Workbench components like a pick rack create even more space to work by adding a space for plastic bins for holding small hardware. The blue plastic bins are impervious to most solvents and corrosion resistant. The molded in label holder will make sure parts and tools are stored in the right place.

Lyon makes these workbench components in the USA. Are you looking for a more turnkey solution? Check out our full line of Workbenches we offer online. Lyon engineers have put together some well thought out pre-made workbenches including the modular drawer cabinet.

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