Preventative Solutions

Preventative Solutions

During these hard times, Lyon is doing our part by offering preventative solutions available to help businesses in their COVID19 virus response. We are working to get these items to you as fast as possible. As an essential supplier during the COVID19 crisis, Lyon has pledged to keep supplying those who are fighting the virus. Check back as we add more items to help you keep safe. Together we can all help try to safely open our businesses and keep everyone protected.

Social Distance Barriers

As businesses such as restaurants and banks start to open up the need to follow strict social distance guidelines is all the more important. Preventative solutions such as Lyon social distance barriers allow businesses to add a level of protection for both their employees and their customers. Our barriers are light and easy to clean. You can move them around as your needs change. Our barriers come in lots of sizes for the perfect fit. They will work great in any facility, retail stores, restaurants, banks, fitness centers, and day care centers. Get them with either clear vinyl or semi-transparent vinyl which provides some privacy. We also have a desk top barrier that is perfect for use in schools.

Sanitizer Stations

Preventative solutions should start with clean hands and wearing masks. Lyon sanitizer stations provide a simple, safe and attractive way to provide hand sanitizer for employees, customers and patrons. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. They are light yet durable so they can be moved where they are needed. There is also an option to add a mask dispenser to the stand. They are 41 inches high so that everyone can easily use it. These are proudly made here in the USA.

Hands-Free Door Pulls

Keeping your hands clean is key in preventing the spread of disease. Preventative solutions like these USA made hands-free door pulls allow both your employees and customers to open a door with their feet. You can easily install them with the included hardware. Ideal for bathrooms where people don’t want to touch a door handle after cleaning their hands. They are also great for touch-free entrance to kitchens, classrooms, and other high-traffic areas.

Antimicrobial Lockers

These lockers provide continuous, residual protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surface. They also protect against mold and bacteria growth. This happens in the locker corners, seams, and on hidden locker surfaces. Lyon makes various sizes to cover all use cases. Preventative solutions like these don’t have to be used only as healthcare lockers. They are a smart pick as either employee lockers or staff lockers where lots of people share a space. These are our standard steel lockers with Lyon’s special paint process. Get all the great features of a Lyon locker with an added benefit of stopping the spread of disease. We can make any of our Metal Lockers with this paint process. Lyon has been the industry standard for lockers for over a century.

HazMat Response and Safety Center Cabinets

No matter how many preventative solutions you use, accidents can happen. Be ready for any emergency or accident with either Lyon HazMat response cabinets or safety center cabinets. You can keep them close to the areas at greatest risk. Safety experts agree that rapid response to a HazMat emergency can greatly reduce risk exposure and save lives. These cabinets come in our Safety Yellow powder coat paint finish. This will make them easy to locate when needed. These cabinets ship set up and ready to use.

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