Bulk Storage Rack Parts

Bulk Storage Rack Parts

Lyon offers a variety of bulk storage rack parts. Get items to either anchor or secure your storage racks. We also have accessories to help you create rows of racks that have uniform spacing. There is even an adapter to connect your storage rack to Lyon industrial 8000 series shelving. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Bulk Storage Rack Decking

Solid decking features Lyon heavy-duty industrial shelves for a smooth uninterrupted surface for your metal storage rack. It can hold at least 640 lbs. Make your storage racks more versatile with 20 gauge ribbed warehouse decking. It has ribs that allow for space to grab packages easily and prevent pinched fingers.

We also offer 2 styles of wire decking. Heavy-duty waterfall decking has a 4 inch by 2 inch wire mesh with heavy gauge welded channels for added strength and a 1-1/4 inch waterfall along both front and rear edge. Heavy-duty waterfall wire decking can hold at least 1,200 lbs. Flat wire decking is also available for bulk storage racks. It features a galvanized finish and sits flush between the beams. It can hold between 300 and 325 lbs depending on the size.

Bulk Storage Rack Anchors

You can use the anchoring foot to anchor the storage rack upright to the floor. The footplate slides into an upright and attaches with bolts. A wedge anchor can secure the upright to the floor. Drill a hole into your warehouse or facility concrete floor, hammer in the wedge anchor, and then as you tighten the nut the wedge expands keeping it anchored. When installing and assembling warehouse rack components, make sure that all racks are level and plumb. A securely anchored storage rack will help prevent tipping when loading and unloading.

Bulk Storage Rack Supports

The back to back support will tie a storage rack back to back with another. It helps maintain stability and spacing without interfering with storage space. This lets you create uniform rows of bulk storage racks. The back to wall support bolts to an upright member and a wall to maintain shelving stability. We recommend a rack is secured to either the floor or wall. The end tie plate is used to tie warehouse rack systems back to back. This helps to maintain uniform spacing and stability.

Get extra front to back supports for a Lyon bulk storage rack. They help minimize beam rotation under heavy loads. A front to back support can also act as a plywood support. You won’t need either tools or hardware to install the storage rack supports. The number of supports per level depends on the width of the beam.

We stock these parts so they can ship quick. Touch up paint is also available. Get an easy to use spray paint can in any of the Lyon premier paint finishes. Lyon makes their bulk storage rack parts in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for either starter or add-on sections? Check out Lyon’s full line of bulk storage racks.

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