Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

A Lyon cantilever racking system is ideal for storing bulky, irregular, long and odd shaped items at low cost. Achieve the maximum utilization of warehouse area without front posts or columns to restrict horizontal space. Heavy-duty cantilever racks handle the hard-to-store items with ease. Items like building materials, fabrics, flooring, furniture, steel, and pipe in addition to other items. The row spacing between the arms is wide open. This will provide proper load support while allowing easy access. The wide rows will let you use a forklift to load and unload these cantilever storage racks. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Cantilever Racking System Features

The cantilever lumber rack is 72-inches-wide from center post to center post. You can adjust the arms on 4-inch-centers. They are available in either 24-inch, 36-inch, or 48-inch lengths. Make sure you get the right sized arms. Items being stored on a cantilever rack should not hang over the end of the arms. This will create an unstable rack and a tipping hazard and is dangerous and unsafe. The arms have a slope of 4 degrees. The 8-foot-high cantilever racking system comes with 4 arms per upright. Both 10-foot-high and 12-foot-high racks come with 5 arms per upright. Arm capacity starts at 1,680 lbs per arm. Upright capacity starts at 11,371 lbs per upright.

Choose either a single or double faced cantilever storage rack system. A single faced storage rack goes up against a wall with arms on one side. The double faced cantilever rack is free standing with arms on both sides. We offer these cantilever racks in both starter and add-on sections. Join add-ons together with a starter to create a row of storage racks. Upright frames, brace set kits, and accessories, available in green while the arms come in our Safety Orange finish. The powder coat paint will help protect your cantilever racking system from everyday use.

Heavy-duty arms and anchors are available. Lyon strongly recommends that these racks be properly anchored to the floor of either your warehouse or facility. Please contact us to order. Lyon makes their cantilever racking system in the USA. Looking for other metal storage racks? Check out Lyon’s full line of Storage Racks.

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