Bar and Pipe Racks

Lyon Can Help You Store And Organize Long Materials With Ease

Bar and pipe rack from Lyon is a great way to store long items with maximum efficiency. These industrial pipe racks are great for steel, iron, aluminum, wood, PVC tubes, conduit, and other materials that are awkward to store on either shelving or conventional racking. Bar and pipe racks are ideal for either the plumbing or electrical industries. Store anything long heavier steel bar or long rod stock on these cantilever pipe racks. Lyon has been the racking industry standard for over a century.

Styles of Racks

These industrial pipe racks come in both single face and double face racks. Use single face racks against walls with the arms and base on one side of the uprights. Use a double face bar stock rack as free standing racking with the arms and base on both sides of the uprights. Never put arms on the back side of a single face rack. It will become a tipping danger. Our bar stock storage racks are a horizontal style. Unlike vertical racks, horizontal pipe storage racks are ideal if you have very long items and not enough vertical space to store them.

We offer both starter and add-on sections of these industrial pipe racks. You can use the starter rack as a free standing rack. Link add-on sections together with a starter to create a row of storage. Both styles of storage racks come with cross braces and brace panels. These will help maintain rigidity and stability. The single face tubing storage racks have a maximum capacity of 3,000 lbs. Double face industrial pipe racks have a maximum capacity of 6,000 lbs. To ensure your metal stock storage racks and handle their max capacity, make sure they are installed properly. Completed units need to be level and square and uprights in a row need to be plumb with each other.

Adjustable Arms

These industrial pipe racks come with heavy-duty arms that have a capacity of 450 lbs. Arms can be adjusted 1-½-inches with spacing as close as 7-½-inches. Easily bolt on the cantilever arms and then adjust when needed. Your storage solution changes when your needs change. The ends of each arm have a raised lip. This will help keep stored items from rolling off your steel bar storage racks. Get optional separator pegs to segment arms. Pegs let you store different items on the same level without them getting mixed up.

We also offer accessories for our industrial pipe racks including extra arms. Find a knocked down rack end so that you can convert an add-on section into a starter. You can also make your rack even more versatile by adding a steel shelf. They have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Lyon makes their industrial pipe storage racks in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified. Looking for other metal storage racks? Check out Lyon’s full line of Storage Racks.