Rivet Rack Parts

Rivet Rack Parts

Lyon offers several rivet rack parts and accessories. These items will work with any of our boltless rivet racks. One of the most important parts of any rack is the anchor. No matter which Lyon storage rack you get, you should make sure it gets securely anchored to either the floor or the wall. This will help prevent tipping as well as maintain stability. The rivet rack footplate attaches to the uprights and creates a mounting plate to bolt the uprights to the floor. Use a Lyon wedge anchor to bolt your footplate to your concrete floor. We also have a wall tie which allows you to secure your rack upright to a wall. This not only creates stability but also makes sure there is even spacing from a wall for a row of rivet racks.

Lyon also offers different ways to tie your rivet racks together. Secure multiple sections together with a tie plate. The tie plate bolts to 2 rack uprights to connect them. This will allow you to create a row of storage racks. You can also tie 2 rows of racks together using a double row tie. This will let you create uniform spacing between your rows of storage racks. Lyon makes these items in either dove gray or putty powder coat paint finishes. This will let you match your rack finish.

Rivet Rack Decking

Lyon makes wire decking with 4 gauge wire in a 2 inch by 4 inch mesh. Wire deck racks meet fire code standards and enhanced sprinkler system effectiveness as well as durable baked on enamel finish. Features easy drop in installation. Wire decking is available in 3 widths and 3 depths. Depending on the size, it can hold from 250 lbs to 850 lbs. Boltless rivet shelving parts also includes particle board decking. It is 5/8 inches thick and pre-cut to size for use with Lyon rivet rack. Perfect for general purpose or record storage applications. Particle board decking is available in 4 widths and 3 depths.

We also offer touch up paint and document storage boxes. Looking for a boltless racking system instead of rivet shelving parts? Check out Lyon’s full line of rivet racks.

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