New 2021 Full Line Product Catalog

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New 2021 Full Line Product Catalog

Lyon’s newest catalog is now available! The 2021 Full Line Product Catalog features Lyon’s wide assortment of lockers, cabinets, shelving and rack. You don’t have to wait for a printed version! Our new catalog is immediately available to you on our Catalogs page to view or download.

The 2021 Catalog Features More Of Your Favorite Full Line Products

Lyon catalog features our most popular pre-engineered Modular Storage Cabinets. These 30 inch wide cabinets range from desk height to eye-level height. Easily select layout kits as well as overhead units for your modular cabinet! Mobile cabinets, workbenches, and weapons cabinets are also shown. Reduce your storage footprint by up to 50% with these cabinets!

Fourteen pages of storage cabinets offer a large variety. All-Welded Cabinets as well as Economical Cabinets come available as standard shelf units, combination cabinets, and even a smaller counter height cabinet. Maximize your warehouse organization even further with bin cabinets for all of your smaller items and parts. Visible cabinets allow you to view all your items without opening the door.

Store More Products with Shelving and Rack

Lyon has packed the Full Line Products Catalog with options for Industrial Shelving as well as Storage Rack! Lyon offers the Industrial 8000 Series Shelving with a variety of preconfigured sizes and shelf quantities. A components page also allows you to find the parts to build your own shelving unit with several height options.


Now you can order additional levels for your Bulk Storage Rack. No need to figure out how many supports or decking panels are needed. Now you can order a full and complete level with all the necessary components! Additional levels included two heavy-duty beams as well as the decking of your choice.

More Locker Line Products, More Options

Along with our Standard Steel Lockers, Lyon added several specialty lockers. The Valor Law Enforcement Locker features a full page image showing all the available parts. A step-by-step guide helps you order a Valor with all the extra inside items you need. The full line products catalog features two pages of Athletic Lockers providing you with plenty of options to improve your team locker room. Lyon’s new Collegiate Lockers feature ventilated fronts and sides for maximum airflow.

Need a quick price? Request A Stock Items Quote for any of the part numbers in the catalog. Got a big project in the works? Send us your project details with a Project Quote Request and we will be happy to assist you with a quote!

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