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New Locker Specifiers’ Guide

September 26, 2017

Lyon Locker Specifiers' Guide 2017 Catalog ThumbnailLyon is happy to announce the new 2017 Locker Specifiers’ Guide is complete and on its way to print!  You don’t have to wait for a printed version! The new locker guide is immediately available to you on our Catalogs page to view or download.

Now Featuring Brand New Locker Styles!

Lyon’s Heavy-Duty Corridor Lockers are the perfect solution for busy hallways. These metal lockers consist of interiors made of a lighter gauge body parts. The lighter body parts are ideal for a recessed wall or structure. The heavy-duty doors and frames face out into the hallway and can endure the rough jostling of frequent passersby.

Everyone is familiar with Lyon’s All-Welded Lockers, but now these lockers are stronger than ever! The All-Welded Extreme Lockers feature the same 14 gauge door and 16 gauge body parts but now these metal lockers also include reinforced bottom channels. Doors also include pan reinforcements and full height continuous hinges for maximum security.

From the lighter grade of our Standard Steel Lockers to the strongest and most secure All-Welded Extreme Lockers, Lyon has the lockers to meet any need for any project.

You can view even more Lyon Lockers. You can also contact Lyon to get in touch with your local sales team and get your locker project quoted today!


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