Master Lock Built-In Combo Lock for Lockers with Lift Handles

Model # NFCOMBO1630

The Lyon 1630 Master Lock combo lock fits lockers with recessed lift handles and right-side hinges. Upgrade your Lyon metal lockers from a padlock attachment to a built-in combo lock. Easy installation makes it quick to either replace an old lock or add this lock to a new locker. The lock comes with nuts so you can bolt it on to the door. Each lock comes with a standard 3 number combination. Master Lock uses a 5-pin tumbler as the standard on their combo locks. A master key access is available for emergency access if needed. When the locker door closes, the 1630 Master Lock combo lock automatically re-locks and secures the door.

The lock dial has a comfort grip to make it easier when entering in a combination. Recessed lift handles are standard on single tier, double tier, and triple tier Lyon Lockers. A recessed handle has a finger lift with a clean flush mount look. If you need a combo lock for a pull handle such as those used on multiple tier lockers click here.

1630 Master Lock Combo Lock Features

  • Master Key Access
  • Fits Lockers with Lift Handles
  • 5-pin Tumbler
  • Automatic Locking
  • Nut Channels for Easy Installation

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Use With These Lyon Locker Handles

lyon locker features recessed handle putty
Recessed Handle
lyon locker features tamper guard handle
Tamper Guard Handle

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