Industrial Glides

Industrial Glides


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Using ergonomic chairs can make a dramatic difference in employee productivity as well as comfort. Our replacement industrial glides provides additional ease of movement of your chair when necessary. It is so easy to add these to your existing 2024N Standard Industrial Chair.

These industrial glides feature a 2-5/8 inch diameter. Because all of Lyon’s office chairs feature five legs, there is no loss of stability when you add the glides. These glides add more mobility to your chair. The extra ease of movement causes a little less effort needed to push away from your workstation as well as scooting forward into place. Adding these smooth glides allows your chair to slide smoothly and easily across the floor. Your chair will be able to slide easily over carpeted areas without snagging. Available in a matte black finish. Each package contains five glides.

2066N Industrial Glides Features

  • Package Includes 5 Glides
  • 2-5/8 Inch Diameter
  • Available in Matte Black
  • Fits Lyon Standard Industrial Chair 2024N

These industrial glides also fit on the following discontinued chair models

  • 2025N Contoured Industrial Chair
  • 2026N Multi-Function Industrial Chair
  • 2026FGN Upholstered Multi-Function Industrial Chair
  • 2022N Industrial Stool
  • 2032P Utility Stool

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