Adjustable Armrests

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Adjustable Armrests


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Using ergonomic chairs make a dramatic difference in employee productivity as well as comfort. Adding adjustable armrests to your industrial chair provides the occasional support your arms need to ease strain on your back. It’s easy to add adjustable armrests to your existing 1990 Spider Stool or even the 2024N Standard Industrial Chair.

The cushioned arm pads feature a polyurethane finish. This tear and poke-resistant cover easily wipes clean even in harsh environments. A push button adjustment allows you to adjust the height of each armrest. The arms rotate outward 30° allowing you to align them into the most comfortable position. Properly adjusted armrests help support the muscular system of the nex as well as the shoulders. Armrest can also help you ease into your chair or rise out of it. A chair without proper armrests often lead to awkward leaning and poor back alignment.

2077N Adjustable Armrests Features

  • Package Includes 2 Arms
  • Polyurethane Finish
  • 30° Outward Rotation
  • Fits Lyon Chairs 1990 and 2024N

These adjustable armrests also fit on the following discontinued chair models

  • 1991 Star Chair
  • 2034N Utility Chair
  • 2044N Standard Operational Chair
  • 2084N Basic High Rise Chair
  • 2044TC Contoured Trolley Chair
  • 2043CRN Standard Clean Room Chair

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