Concept 19 Corner Workbench with Bookcase

Model # 251WBC19

Lyon’s Corner Workbench with Bookcase provides both a work surface as well as storage for tools or parts. This industrial workbench fits your needs with the cabinets assembled on either side. Using an ergonomic warehouse workbench increases efficiency in all types of factories as well as shop services. The two cabinets create the perfect heavy-duty work bench.

This corner workbench with bookcase features two standard wide modular drawer cabinets. The multiple drawer access allows quick access to several drawers at once. Lyon’s modular drawers slide on the highest quality glides. The double-wall construction makes these metal drawers the most reliable in the industry! These workbench drawers provide 100% visibility of stored items when fully open. Each drawer holds up to a total capacity of 400 lbs. The included cabinet locks secure all the drawers closed when greater security is needed. Each bookcase also includes one adjustable shelf with 100 lbs weight capacity. The closed back panels of the corner workbench riser include protected cord access holes in all four corners. Choose from seven color options for your cabinet housing and drawers/doors. The panel leg and other steel accessories will also match the cabinet housing.

The hardwood tops of the corner workbench with bookcase provide an ideal work surface for precision work as well as item assembly. The laminated wood tops are made of kiln-dried hardwoods and sanded evenly to provide a smooth work surface. A waterproof glue bonds the hardwoods securely for years of dependable service. The hardwood tops also feature 3/16 inch radius rounded edges. The tops offers a weight capacity up to 5,000 lbs for evenly distributed loads. Add Standard Wide Layout Kits to help keep your workstation neat and organized.

Concept 19 Corner Workbench with Bookcase Features

  • One M353030000A0L Bench Height Cabinet 30″w x 33-1/4″h
  • One M353030000B0L Bench Height Cabinet 30″w x 33-1/4″h
  • One 251OPL350 Open Panel Leg
  • One 251WHD60 Hardwood Top 60″w x 30″d
  • One 251WHD90 Hardwood Top 90″w x 30″d
  • One 250SPLICE Splice Plate Kit
  • Two 251BRS6021 Bookcase Riser 60″w x 21″h
  • One 251RBP6021 Bookcase Corner Riser 30″w x 21″h
  • Two 251RBP6021 Bookcase Riser Back Panel
  • One 79020 Light Fixture
  • Four 251BKCD270 Bookcase with Doors 30″w x 24-3/4″h

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Ships in 4-5 Weeks



overall dimensions

90"w x 60"d

worksurface material


worksurface capacity

5,000 lbs


2 Standard




14"d x 21"h


30"w x 14"d x 24-3/4"h

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