45 Gallon Pesticides Manual-Closing Safety Cabinet 43″w x 18″d x 65″h

Model # 30R5744
Ships in 7 Weeks

The Lyon 30R5744 45 Gallon Pesticide Cabinet conforms to NFPA Fire Code 30 and OSHA Standards. Lyon follows the industry standard for color coding the safety cabinets. The labels on the green cabinet specify the capacity as well as a warning that the items inside could be flammable.

This all-welded 45 Gallon Pesticide Cabinet is built of 18 gauge double wall construction. The 1-1/2 inch of insulating air space also offers fire resistant protection for the stored contents. Two screened flame arrester vents are on the sides of the cabinet; one high and one low. These threaded vents accept a 2 inch pipe for external exhaust. A black paddle handle design allows easy fingertip operation. The cam lock includes 2 keys. The handle accepts a padlock when more security is needed on this 45 gallon cabinet. You can easily adjust the galvanized steel shelves on 3 inch vertical centers. These heavy-duty ribbed shelves also deliver a load capacity of 350 lbs per shelf. The two inch high leak-proof bottom pan helps keep spilled items from leaking out of the cabinet. The included four leveling legs also help ensure a level installation.

The 45 Gallon Pesticide Cabinet also features a slam-action closing mechanism. These cabinet doors use a three-point stainless steel bullet latching system. Each pesticide safety cabinet includes a polyethylene shelf liner for each shelf as well as the bottom pan. These 2 inch deep trays help contain spills. You can also expand your storage options even further by adding more Safety Cabinet Items such as shelves and trays. Lyon safety cabinets are Made in the USA as well as ready to install!

30R5744 45 Gallon Pesticide Cabinet Features

  • 45 Gallon Capacity
  • 2 Manual Doors
  • 1 Lock with 2 Keys
  • Hasp for Padlock
  • 2 Steel Ribbed Shelves
  • 3 Polyethylene Trays
  • Green Powder Coat Finish
  • Made in the USA

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overall dimensions

43"w x 18"d x 65"h

number of shelves



Manual Closing

gallon capacity



Elevation Drawing

certified nfpa product

certified osha product

Standard Features

Steel Shelves

Heavy-duty ribbed, galvanized steel shelves deliver load capacity of 350 lbs per shelf and are adjustable on 3" centers

Recessed Handle

Black, flush-mounted paddle handle design allows easy fingertip operation and features a double key set and padlock hasp

Screened Flame Arrester Vent

Screened flame arrester vents on both sides of cabinet (one high and one low) are threaded to accept standard 2" pipe for external exhaust

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