Single Face Bar, Pipe, and Rod Rack End

Model # DD3701

The Lyon Single Face Bar and Pipe Rack End unit is great for converting an existing add-on unit into a starter. Sometimes plans change or warehouse layouts need to be updated. That starter rack unit with an add-on would really be better as two starter units. Now there is no need to purchase a whole separate unit! This end unit quickly converts your add-on unit which saves you both time and money.

The single face bar and pipe rack end is designed for use against a wall with the arms and base on one side of the uprights. The horizontal arms also permit parts loading or removal with minimum aisle spacing. The location of the uprights permit loading by hand as well as by crane. Each unit offers a total capacity of 3,000 lbs of storage. The heavy-duty 12 inch deep arms each hold up to 450 lbs. Easily adjust the arms every 1-1/2″ with a spacing as close as 7-1/2″ apart. The included brace panels as well as cross braces give extra stability to this horizontal bar rack.

NOTE: This single face bar and pipe rack end must be used with an add-on unit.

Together with a starter, add-ons let you build rows of horizontal pipe storage racks. If you also need a starter unit for this model, then you can view the Single Face Add-on Unit. Lyon also offers accessories for the bar pipe and rod rack to help make it even more versatile. Add 4 inch high Separator Pegs to the arms to keep parts separated. Add Steel Shelves to your rack arms to store pieces too short to rest on the arms. Create even more levels with Extra Arms to keep your product organized and accessible.

3701 Single Face Bar and Pipe Rack End Features

  • Converts Add-on to Starter
  • 1 Upright with base
  • 7 Adjustable Heavy-Duty Arms
  • Made in the USA
  • GREENGUARD Certified

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Ships In 24-48 Hours



overall dimensions

21-7/8"d x 79-1/4"h

number of levels


capacity per level

450 lbs

starter or add on

Rack End