Polyethylene Shelf Tray for 43″w x 18″d Safety Storage Cabinets

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Polyethylene Shelf Tray for 43″w x 18″d Safety Storage Cabinets


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It only takes a small amount of hazardous material or chemicals to make a mess. The 5550 polyethylene shelf tray helps to protect both the cabinet shelf and the items stored below. This tray measures 39-1/4″w by 14-1/2″d overall. The tray sits on top of the galvanized steel shelves in the cabinet. Our shelf liner offers additional protection with a slightly raised and curved 2-inch-high edge to contain spills. This leak proof tray resists aggressive chemicals and corrosive materials. The ridged bottom allows small leaks to settle at the bottom of the container and keep your items from sitting in a puddle.

Our 5550 polyethylene shelf tray comes in a white finish. The white finish will help you see spills more easily. Easily also add these trays to any of Lyon’s yellow flammable storage cabinets when needed. Best practices are to have one tray per shelf. We also designed the trays to fit in the bottom pan of the cabinet. These trays are not designed to be reused. Quickly replace a tray after any spills occur. Keep extra trays on hand for a quick cabinet cleanup. Trays can nest inside each other when not in use.

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Overall Dimensions 39-1/4"w x 14-1/2"d
Quantity per Package 1 Polyethylene Tray
Use With The Following Safety Cabinets
Flammable Storage Cabinets 74R5445N, 74R5444N, 74R5441N, 74R5440N, 74R5472, 74R5471, and 74R5465
Acids and Corrosives Cabinets 23R5545, 23R5544, 23R5541, 23R5540, 23R5592, 23R5591, and 23R5565
Paints and Inks Storage Cabinets HHR5661, HHR5660, HHR5641, and HHR5640
Pesticides Storage Cabinet 30R5745, 30R5744, 30R5741, and 30R5740


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