43″w x 12″d Polyethylene Shelf Tray for Safety Cabinets

Model # NF5552
Ships in 24-48 Hours

It only takes a small amount of hazardous material or chemicals to make a mess. The 5552 Polyethylene Shelf Tray helps to protect the cabinet shelf as well as all of the items stored below.

Our polyethylene shelf tray offers additional protection with a slightly raised and curved 2 inch high edge to contain spills. This leakproof tray resists aggressive chemicals and corrosive materials. The ridged bottom allows small leaks to settle at the bottom of the container and keep your items from sitting in a puddle.

All of Lyon’s Acid and Corrosives Safety Cabinets as well as Pesticides Safety Cabinets include these plastic trays. Keep extra trays on hand for a quick cabinet cleanup. You can also add these trays to the Flammable Liquids Safety Storage Cabinets or the Paints and Inks Storage Cabinets when needed.

This 43 inch wide by 12 inch deep polyethylene shelf tray fits into the 74R5469 Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet and 74R5466 Flammable Liquids Safety Cabinet. It also fits the 23R5566 Acids and Corrosives Safety Cabinet and 23R5569 Acids and Corrosives Safety Cabinet.

5552 Polyethylene Shelf Tray Features

  • 43″ wide x 12″ deep x 2″ high
  • Raised and Curved Edges
  • Ridged Bottom
  • Available in White
  • Made in the USA

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overall dimensions

43"w x 12"d

gallon capacity