Double Wide Modular Drawer Cabinet Eye-Level Height 5 Drawers 86 Compartments

Model # 6860301017I

The 6860301017I Modular Drawer Cabinet Double Wide Eye-Level Height provides you with the highest density storage solution for small to medium sized products. Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50% by using a Lyon modular drawer cabinet as a tool cabinet. These industrial storage cabinets with drawers also have a wide base opening for forklift access. This allows you to easily relocate your cabinet if needed. You can choose from 7 different colors for the cabinet housing and the drawers.

Multiple drawer access allows quick access to several drawers at once. Single drawer access allows only one open drawer at a time. For extra security, a standard lock option is available to lock all of the cabinet drawers at one time. The Lyon modular storage drawers in cabinets have the highest quality glides. The double-wall construction makes these metal drawers the most reliable in the industry when they are empty or fully loaded. The drawer suspension has a capacity of 400 lbs. Ideal for a small parts organizer or a tool organizer, these drawers provide 100% visibility of stored items when fully extended.

This metal storage cabinet with drawers also includes cabinet drawer kits. The slotted drawer partitions can be secured to the bottom of the drawer. The adjustable drawer dividers can be easily moved to create the best layout for your stored items. You can customize your drawers even more by adding more partitions and dividers or cabinet accessories. The removable labels and shields included in the handles allow you label and quickly identify the items inside of a drawer. Neat and organized storage systems improve your inventory control as well as increases efficiency.

6860301017I Modular Drawer Cabinet Double Wide Eye-Level Height Features

  • 5 Drawers
  • 86 Compartments
  • 400 lbs Drawer Capacity
  • Forklift Base
  • Made In The USA
  • GREENGUARD Certified

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Ships in 4-5 Weeks

Starting at: $3,003.56


overall dimensions

59-5/8"w x 28-1/4"d x 59-1/4"h

number of drawers


number of compartments



Choose one color for the cabinet housing and a second for the drawers for a stylish cabinet fit for any work space

Drawer Access

Cabinets can have multiple drawer access to open all drawers at once or single drawer access to restrict one open drawer at a time


Secure all drawers at once with the standard locking system

Layout Kits

Layout kits are included and have dividers which can be rearranged to fit around your items

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