Bin Divider for Extra Large Yellow Parts Bin


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This divider for extra large parts bin further subdivides your bins and help maximize inventory control. The notched sides allow the divider to slide easily into the slots of the plastic bin for a precise fit. Dividers run front to back in the large plastic bins dividing the storage space in half. Use only one divider per plastic bin. Quickly and easily add or move these plastic bin dividers to create precise storage space for your small parts. As your storage needs change so does your Lyon storage solution!

Divider for Extra Large Parts Bin

Molded from industrial grade polymers, our divider for extra large parts bins are more durable and are guaranteed not to crack or break under normal load conditions. The black plastic finish is impervious to moisture, grease, and oils. This makes this divider an ideal solution for organizing either small parts or industrial hardware as well as items that might have been used in industrial equipment. This divider fits with Lyon’s 14-3/4″d x 7″h Extra Large Yellow Parts Bin for all-welded cabinets. We also offer a Bin Divider for the small plastic bin.

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