Dividers for Conductive Bins

Model # Conductive Bin Divider

You can use Lyon’s Dividers for Conductive Bins to help further organize your modular drawer cabinets. These black plastic dividers will help separate a bin into two useful, organized sections. This prevents the smallest of items from rolling around and getting lost in a drawer. The strong and durable plastic will hold up to everyday use. Dividers are available to fit the two inch high conductive bins as well as the three inch high conductive bins.

These dividers are great for separating items such as screws, nuts, or washers. You can quickly and easily slide the divider into the existing formed notches found inside each plastic bin. Adding dividers allows you to optimize your bin storage space. Add a few dividers where needed or install them in all of your black bins for maximum efficiency! Creating a neat and organized storage system with these adjustable drawer organizers improves your inventory control. Easily lift out and remove a divider when needed. Remove the dividers when storing so the conductive black bins can nest inside one another.

Dividers for Conductive Bins Features

  • Available in 2 inch or 3 inch Height
  • Available in Black Plastic

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