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Lyon’s EVO automotive workbench provide fully customizable solutions for your service technicians. Providing your techs with proper workstations allows them to efficiently service vehicles. Vehicles have gotten more and more complicated and require more and more specialty equipment to repair them. Our EVO automotive workstations can provide designated places for everything needed in the day to day work in your service shop. Our smart modular designs can easily be changed up so when your needs change so does your mechanic tool bench.


The EVO is the next evolution of the auto mechanic workbench. We can help your service department looks as good as it performs. Lyon has put together lots of thoughtful options to create a mechanic shop workbench that will help boost efficiency of your service department. When your techs have a clean and organized workstation, then they can get their repairs and service done faster. This allows you to get more repairs done while making your customers happy. An EVO system can also create a clean, uniform look for your dealership which will impress your customers.


The EVO automotive workbench offers plenty of space so that all your tools can have their own designated space. This will allow you to locate the right tool when you need it. The toolbox features welded steel housing with heavy-duty ball bearing slides. You can secure all the drawers with a single lock so you can keep your gear safe. The stainless steel mechanic work table surface will stand up to the harsh environment of a repair shop. With a double thick MDF core, the 304 stainless steel surface has a vibrated finish so it can hide marks and scratches on your mechanics workbench. Drawers and cabinets come with laboratory grade phenolic resin fronts so that they will resist chemicals and eliminate scratches and dents.


This EVO automotive workbench includes a wall system. The wall system provides hidden storage for cables and wiring. There is a built-in power strip so your tech can use any equipment they may need for repair work. A flip down lockable IT module can conceal a computer used to update or look up records or run diagnostics. Above this module is a mount for a computer monitor (not included). The wall panels will come in a gray finish. At the top of the wall system is two 30″w overhead cabinets. These locking cabinets are ideal for storing bulky items and tools.


The EVO automotive workbench has a modular design. This allows you to easily update and upgrade your existing EVO auto shop workbench. You can also build your own custom system from the ground up. Pick and choose the features your techs need and we will design a system to meet your needs. You can build your own workstation in 3 easy steps. Start with figuring out your useable space and pick base cabinets to fill in that floor space. Base cabinets include tool boxes, tool carts, and lift control cabinets. Secondly pick your stainless steel work surface. Finally configure your panel system for storage on the wall area of your work station. This will allow you to create a uniform automotive service bay which will make your service department stand out.

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Includes Phenolic Resin Fronts
Stainless Steel Worksurface
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