Heavy-Duty Corridor Lockers

Heavy-Duty Corridor Lockers feature a 14 gauge door and 16 gauge frame with 24 gauge body parts. Available as assembled or unassembled. Ideal for hallways. View the Specifiers’ Guide for all available options.

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Lyon has long been America’s leading manufacturer of quality heavy-duty steel hallway lockers. You can find our heavy-duty corridor lockers in schools and locker rooms all over the USA. We proudly manufacture this metal locker in the USA. Use the 1-wide or 3-wide lockers alone or combine them with more lockers to create a full locker system.

Our heavy-duty corridor locker includes 14-gauge, one piece doors set in a 16-gauge steel frame. These lockers feature lighter 24-gauge body parts that are ideal for recessing into a wall. Lyon laps and welds the door frame corners to create a strong and rigid assembly. Locker body parts come standard in Putty while you can choose from any of our premier color options for your door and frame.

Size and Tier Options

Our single, double, and triple tier heavy-duty corridor lockers come standard with a recessed handle. These handles sit flush with the locker door and are also less likely to snag on clothing as people walk by. Easily secure the lift handle inside the recessed cup with a user provided padlock. This handle also features Lyon’s patent pending Metal Nano-Roller Latching System. Our unique lockbar system on the door engages both the top and bottom of the frame. This increases the protection against break-ins. The tamper-resistant nylon lockbar guide ensures a smooth operation and reduces overall noise from opening and closing.

Lyon’s four, five, and six tier box lockers feature a standard steel pull handle. These pull handles include a built-in padlock hasp that can be secured with a user provided padlock.

Use our Specifier’s Guide to see more details as well as available sizes and other handle options for each locker tier. Request the Intermediate Cross Members (ICM) between you locker doors for even more added security. You can also upgrade to galvannealed steel to provide more resistance to harsh elements. Add shelves makes a regular hallway locker instantly ADA Accessible to meet building requirements.

Assembly and Installation

Heavy-duty corridor lockers are available either unassembled or assembled. Easily put this locker together in the field with nuts and bolts. Each door and frame ships as one piece ready to attach to the sides and back of the locker. To save yourself even more time, order the lockers assembled and Lyon will professionally assemble them. Lyon’s assembly team uses pop rivets in place of using nuts and bolts. Using pop rivets ensures a strong and durable assembly.

Lyon strongly recommends that you anchor your heavy-duty corridor lockers to either the wall or floor or both if possible. Adding Lyon’s Foot Anchors for lockers with legs help prevent lockers from tipping over when they are top heavy. Anchoring Angles should be used for lockers without legs.

Locks and Accessories

Upgrade your heavy-duty corridor lockers with built-in locker locks. Our lockers with recessed handles can be fitted with a Zephyr 1930 Built-In Combination Lock. All lockers with pull handles use the Zephyr 1954 Built-In Combination Lock. If you prefer a key lock, you can also fit these lockers with a Built-In Flat Key Lock that can fit on both styles of handle. Complete the look of your locker project by adding Locker Accessories such as recess trim. We also offer a variety of z base for lockers without legs. The top of each locker door is pre-punched and ready for you to add personalized Number Plates.

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Lead Time Ships In 18 Weeks
Assembly Unassembled or Assembled
Number Of Frames 1 Wide or 3 Wide
Handle Type Recessed Lift, Pull, Tamper Guard, or Turn Handle
Gauge 14 Gauge Door with 16 Gauge Frame
24 Gauge Body
Available in Single, Double, Triple, Four, Five, or Six Tiers


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