2000 Series 36″w x 24″d x 85″h Metal Shelving with 5 Drawers and 5 Shelves Add-On

  • Each modular drawer can support up to 400 lbs
  • 2000 series shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2″ centers
  • Made in the USA
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$1,892.54$2,001.08 per Unit

SKU: J115006A

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The Lyon J115006A metal shelving with drawers is ideal for storing your small items and parts as well as large items. Reduce your storage footprint by as much as 50% with Lyon industrial shelving with drawers. Lyon storage with drawers and shelves is one of our most versatile solutions. A great use is a workshop or auto dealership repair shop. Store small to medium tools in the drawers and bulkier gear and supplies on the shelves. Lyon metal shelves with drawers are the most reliable in the industry.

Our J115006A metal shelving with drawers add-on comes with 5 modular drawers. 4 of the drawers are 3-1/16-inch-high while 1 drawer is 4-5/8-inch-high. Each drawer has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. Drawers fully extend for 100% visibility of the contents. Modular drawers easily install into the 2000 series industrial metal shelving with only 4 brackets. The suspension glide rails lock into the brackets. Then the drawers slide into place. Each drawer handle includes removable labels and shields. Make it so that you can quickly identify the items inside your steel shelving with drawers.

The J115006A metal shelving with drawers add-on also comes with 1 welded intermediate upright assembly. Each 24-inch-deep welded intermediate upright assembly consists of one plain side panel as well as one beaded post and two angle posts welded together to form one assembly. Lyon roll forms the upright posts from 14-gauge steel. Lyon makes the back and side panels out of 24-gauge steel.

Adjustable Heavy-Duty Shelves

This metal shelf with drawers comes with 5 medium-duty shelves. Lyon makes each 2000 series shelf from roll formed high quality steel. We designed the metal shelves with box formations in both the front and the rear. Each shelf has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. The included compression shelf clips quickly lock into place on either side of the uprights. You can adjust all the shelves on this metal shelving unit with drawers on 1-1/2-inch centers.

Drawer Layout Kits Included

Lyon includes 0C layout kits with the J115006A metal shelving with drawers add-on. This creates 9 compartments in each drawer. Overall that is 45 compartments in this tall shelving unit with drawers. These adjustable drawer organizers come with 2 partitions and 6 dividers. A slotted partition runs either side to side or front to back in a drawer. It secures with screws to the bottom of the drawer. This keeps the slotted partitions from shifting or moving. 0C layout kit dividers slide securely into place into the slots on the partitions. Easily either move dividers or remove them. This lets you fit different sized objects stored inside the drawers. The Lyon modular drawer is so versatile because your metal drawer organizer changes as your needs change.

The shelves, uprights, and closed back of the J115006A metal shelving with drawers comes in our standard Dove Gray powder coat paint finish. The modular drawers come in one of our 7 premier modular cabinet finishes. The powder coat paint finish will help protect your garage shelving with drawers from everyday use. Lyon makes their industrial steel shelving in the USA.

NOTE: This add-on unit must be used with a starter unit.

Together with a starter, add-ons let you build rows of shelving drawer units. If you also need a starter unit for this model, then you can view the J115006 Metal Shelving With Drawers.

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Overall Dimensions 36"w x 24"d x 85"h
Number Of Drawers 5 Drawers
Number Of Compartments 45 Compartments
Number Of Shelves 5 Medium-Duty Shelves
Capacity 500 lbs Per Shelf
400 lbs Per Drawer
Gauge 20 Gauge Shelves
Starter Or Add On Add-On
Includes Welded Intermediat Beaded Post Upright 24"d x 85"h - DDJ1085411 (x1)
22 Gauge Shelf 36"w x 24"d - DDJ1020221 (x5)
Back Panel 36"w x 85"h - DD1051951 (x1)
18"h Bracket for Drawers in Shelving - JMB3622 (x1)
3-1/6"h Drawer with Layout Kit C - N043624NN0CIK (x4)
4-5/8"h Drawer with Layout Kit C - N063624NN0CIK (x1)


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