Heavy-Duty Chair Glides for Industrial Seating – 5 Pack

  • Heavy-duty glides allow easy and smooth movement over carpet
  • 2-5/8″ diameter for added support
  • Comes in a matte black finish
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$29.18 per Unit

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Our NF2066N heavy-duty chair glides provide ease of movement of your chair when necessary. Using ergonomic industrial chairs makes a big difference in both employee comfort and productivity. Lyon can help you keep your employee’s health and well-being a priority. These swivel chair glides add more mobility to your chair. This makes it easier to either scoot into or back away from a workstation. Adding these chair feet glides allows your chair to slide smoothly and easily across the floor. Your chair will be able to slide easily over carpeted areas without snagging.

These NF2066N heavy-duty chair glides feature a 2-5/8-inch diameter. Because all of Lyon’s office chairs feature 5 legs, there is no loss of stability when you add the chair glides for metal legs. Our stool glides come in a matte black finish. This will match your Lyon seating.

Our NF2066N heavy-duty chair glides come in a 5 pack. This makes it easy to add to your ergo industrial seating. Our NF1990 Spider Stool or our NF2024N Metal Industrial Chair come with commercial chair glides. You can use this 5 pack of chair leg glides when you need to replace old ones on your Lyon commercial seating.

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Overall Dimensions 2-5/8" Diameter
Quantity per Package 5 Glides
Fits Lyon Chair Model
2024N Metal Industrial Chair with Backrest

Also fits the following discontinued chair models
2025N Contoured Industrial Chair
2026N Multi=Function Industrial Chair
2026FGN Upholstered Multi-Function Industrial Chair
2022N Industrial Stool
2032P Utility Stool


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