2-13/16″h Partition for Modular Drawers Size 06 and 07

Model # NF067P

Organize your Lyon modular drawers for increased efficiency! The partition for 06 and 07 drawers helps create compartments in the exact size needed for absolute organization. Use these drawer separators to create a custom drawer organizer that is just right for you!

The standard size partition fits in all cabinets when installed from front to back. Match the slender, standard, medium, extra wide, or double partitions to your cabinet width when partitions need to fit from left to right. This partition for 06 and 07 drawers fits in Lyon modular drawers that have a front height of 4-5/8 inches or 5-7/16 inches high.

Partitions feature a flange on the bottom that can be secured to the bottom of your drawer. Each partition also includes installation screws. Properly secured partitions prevent objects from sliding underneath into the next compartment. Each steel partition features a galvanized silver finish. The slots of the partition create segments which also line up with the segments on the sides of the modular drawer. You can divide your drawer even further by adding Adjustable Drawer Dividers.

These parts fit Lyon’s current 250 MDCs as well as the 240 Platinum and MSSII Series Modular Drawer Cabinets.

Partition for 06 and 07 Drawers Features

  • Galvanized Silver Finish
  • 2-13/16 Inches High
  • Made in the USA
  • GREENGUARD Certified

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Made in the USA

Ships in 2 Weeks

Starting at: $6.50

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