1-1/4″h Plastic Quarter Trays for Modular Drawers Size 04 and 05

Model # Plastic Quarter Tray

Conveniently store very small, loose items in Lyon’s Plastic Quarter Tray. This small parts organizer fits two trays deep in any Lyon modular drawer cabinet. Standard width modular drawer cabinets also hold two side-by-side quarter trays. Easily turn your Lyon modular drawer cabinet into a hardware cabinet with this hardware organizer.

The small compartments in the quarter tray are great for storing items such as screws, nuts, or washers. The durable plastic will hold up to everyday use. Plastic quarter trays are both a convenient and cost effective way to store very small, loose items. You won’t need partitions when using quarter trays. We designed them to run front to back in any width drawer. 4 trays will fill a standard width modular cabinet drawer. Creating a neat and organized storage system with an adjustable drawer organizer improves your inventory control. Using quarter trays also makes it easier to pick parts or hardware.

Trays easily lift out and can be removed when needed. Plastic quarter trays are available with either 20 or 35 compartments. The 20 compartment tray features 2″ x 2-5/8″ compartments. The 35 compartment tray features 2″ x 1-3/8″ compartments. Both trays measure 12-1/2 square by 1-1/4 inch high. These trays fit perfectly in drawers 04 and 05 modular drawers with a front height less than four inches.

Plastic Quarter Tray Features

  • 12-1/2″w x 12-1/2″d x 1-1/4″h
  • 20 Compartment Tray Available in White
  • 35 Compartment Tray Available in Yellow

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quantity per package

1 Tray